Wednesday, 10 September 2014 00:00

OOV Finaly complete!

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After almost 6 years I finaly completed my first Graphic Novel. 

It was a very long and slow process of writing, sketching, illustrating, coloring and editing. I began working on OOV back in 2009,  after I finished my bachelor degree in architecture. The Idea first came to me when I was still a student. I had a lot of sketchbooks filled with drawings I've done during classes. I wanted to gather all the sketches together in a book and I Joked about linking them together in a story. Then OOv was born. First called "Urban Story" (I planned on changing the title later) the story began to take shape. My main inspiration are movies. Especially psychadellic and fantasy movies. I like Terry Gilliam, David Cronenberg and David Lynch. I like stories that are toled in an indirect way. Reality mixed with fantazy. My sketches were of architecture and buildings. I drew Imagined cities. Cities unlike anything built in this world tody. I decided to make the city the main character of the book.

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